Monday, 28 December 2015

The Ancient Spiritual Principle - Revealing The Personality by Shri Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari (Chariji), Chapter 3

The Ancient Spiritual Principle

In the East, we occupy the house and then finish it from the inside. That is the holy principle, the ancient principle, the spiritual principle. Nothing is completed from outside. It is a pointer to the fact that the spiritual occupancy in our heart must also be from inside. I think that it also indicates quite correctly that we must begin spirituality when we are not yet spiritual, and then create a spiritual heart in ourselves, purify it sufficiently, and allow God to occupy it. And then let him complete the job from inside.

So the real work is always from the inside. That is the esoteric, spiritual principle. I am happy that in that tradition, we have occupied this meditation hall. We shall complete it now from within and help it, or use it to help us, to complete our own purification, dedication of our heart from within ourselves.

 -- Taken from the book, "Revealing the Personality (2nd edition, 2009)", 
Chapter "Talk at Inaugiration of Meditation Hall, Augerans", pg. 13, 

While talking about the inaugration of the SRCM Meditation Hall in Augerans (France), Chariji reveals a wonderful secret about how everything must be completed from within. A magnificent tree grows from a tiny seed from within the ground. It then yields beautiful flowers and edible fruits. A fetus gains nourishment and develops into a baby within the mother’s womb before it is born. In humans too, this principle works best. For a person to change, there has to be an inner transformation before it can manifest outside.

That is why meditation and cleaning of the heart, as recommended in Sahaj Marg, is so effective. The current SRCM President, Shri Kamlesh D Patel, mentions very beautifully in one of his talks, about the various stages that a Sahaj Marg aspirant goes through in his practice. The abhyasi first starts with a thought that there is a Divine light in his heart, then feels this Divine Light within him. When he continues to practice dedicatedly, he starts meditating on the Source of the Divine Light. He slowly becomes immersed in it. Then after intense abhyas, a time comes when the abhyasi becomes the Divine Light himself. This is inner transformation at its best.


  1. Thanks Harini for sharing this wonderful teaching of Chariji. Recently Kamlesh D. Patel of Shri Ram Chandra Mission mentioned that we need to constantly observe ourselves and everything we do to evolve our work, our condition and our consciousness.

  2. This book is a pearl from Our Beloved Master Chariji.

  3. One has to practically experience to know it.

  4. Everything is complete only when we work from inside...Beautifully explained....