Monday, 18 January 2016

Specialty of Sahaj Marg - Cleaning (Revealing the Personality, Chapter 6 by Shri P. Rajagopalachari)

“Now we are taught to be continuously thinking. We are thinking machines. Thinking has become a habit we are not able to stop. Therefore, even in meditation, thoughts bother us. We cannot stop them. We have no control. We have no regulatory capacity over our own thoughts. 

“But what can I do, Chari? The thoughts bother me.” How do they come? If, in your house, flies are coming into the room, you look for an open window and close it. If there is a stink in your toilet, you look for the source and remove it. How can you be subordinate to your own thoughts? Why not look for the source of your thoughts and remove it?"

— Taken from the book, "Revealing the Personality (2nd edition, 2009)", 
Chapter "Relationships", pg. 52, by Shri. Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari

The most common myth about meditation is that it is very difficult. Why? Because when we close our eyes and try to focus on one thing, hundreds of thoughts intrude our consciousness, disturbing us. The mind flirts from one thing to another so fast that soon we are lost in an ocean of thoughts. But what is the source of these thoughts? Our likes and dislikes, our desires/ temptations and fears - anything that makes an impression on our heart and mind. 

Chariji (the previous SRCM President) explains beautifully in one of his talks that temptations, fears etc. are not in the object, but in ourselves. Two people are not tempted by the same thing. If six men walk on the street, one walks into the bar, another goes behind a woman and four just walk on. Why did the first man get tempted by the bar, the second by the beautiful woman and the other four were unaffected by either of them? Because something inside them are pulled towards these things. 
Something inside us bind us to our tendencies, desires and fears. And until these are minimized or removed, thoughts about these will disturb us during meditation. 

The Sahaj Marg System of Raja Yoga teaches its aspirants a unique technique called the cleaning. Through this process of cleaning, SRCM abhyasis easily clean these impressions. So when we meditate the next morning, we have lesser number of thoughts that disturb us. And with the help of yogic transmission (pranahuti) and the enormous help that we receive from the current Sahaj Marg Master Shri Kamlesh D. Patel and the hierarchy of the 
Masters of Sahaj Marg during every meditation and satsangh, the grip that tendencies, desires and fears have on us is minimized. Thus transformation  and evolution becomes very simple. 

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  1. 'Thus transformation and evolution becomes very simple.' Provided the aspirant co operates with the MASTER.